SKB Wallet/Trading


Prepare the Wallet which has the stored SAKURA BLOOM (SKB).

Recommended wallet/Japanese
SKB Wallet Must read before use it

HB Wallet

BlockChain Wallet

Recommended wallet/English
im Token

SKB Wallet

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JPY/BTC → SKB and SKB → JPY/BTC trading can be done on the NERAEX website, as well as other coin trading.

*Coin : Coin and Coin : Legal Tender exchanges can experience price fluctuations based on market price.

mercatox It may take about 5 minutes to generate the SKB address.


NERAEX However, from July14th, 2018, only 「SKB/BTC」use for trading.

SKB Market Data

Check here for current market data on the daily fluctuations of SAKURA BLOOM (SKB).

Click here for market data